Smart way in protecting peoples, homes and businesses with high quality equipment and solutions from worldwide security leaders.


Fire detection, signalization and evacuation systems for any market size with up to 4000 devices in one system. Each system can be monitored and supervised from a centralized operation center. 


Access control technologies that are ready to use right out of the box, and provide solutions that are compact, and easy to use for smaller businesses while scaling to meet
the needs of larger businesses. Interfacing with video systems, fire and alarm panels to provide an integrated, holistic security solution.


Outsourcing or turnkey solutions from world’s leading provider of secure ID credentials, from non-technical cards with visual security features to multi-technology, chip-based smart cards , we help customers solve every aspect of their card-based secure identity solutions.


Turnkey solutions for monitoring, control and dispatch centers for guard companies, banks and government institutions to fully automate the monitoring and control of security, fire, emergency and surveillance systems in intelligent way. based on multiple technologies to be redundant and always secure.


Fire suppression system based on most modern and certified technology, totally safe for human life, property damage and zero effect on environment. Protecting from small enclosures, server rooms, electric power stations, archives, etc. with lowest cost of ownership. 


The portfolio ranges from keys to mechanical and mechatronic lock cylinders, digital locking systems and push-button locks with PIN codes  for private and commercial buildings. These products not only deliver optimum protection, but also give the users organizational flexibility. They are designed for customers with pronounced security needs who also require great flexibility, e.g. banks, industrial companies, universities, airports and power plants, private houses, public buildings and business premises, as well as military facilities.


Is your IT infrastructure designed for operational excellence? Is it capable of adapting to new technology boosts? These and other areas — such as availability, performance and scalability — are crucial for evaluating your mission-critical IT infrastructure. Our end-to-end infrastructure services—spanning the data center, workplace, network, security and operations , help you define, implement and transform the infrastructure that underpins your digital IT strategy.


State-of-Art systems from high quality components totally certified to banks and EN security standards, intelligent VMS with analytic modules, Full HD and Megapixels quality and 24/7 operation assurance.   


Environmental parameters monitoring systems for server & telecommunication areas, food shops and production, pharmaceutical and up to whole building management systems.  


From standalone workforce and corporate entrances to totally integrated and high security airport solutions, parking systems, stadium entrances and single man interlocks.


Should confidential information about a business finances or new product line fall into the hands of a competitor or a black hat hacker, a business and its customers could suffer widespread, irreparable financial loss, not to mention damage to the company's reputation. Protecting confidential information is a business requirement and in many cases also an ethical and legal requirement. To secure your vital information involves not only hardware and software to implement cryptography and loss-prevention but also exact procedures on information classification,managing and storing.


Electronic Article Surveillance are designed to help retailers boost their sales and protect their profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. Combined with People Counting analytics data creates the opportunity to a better management of the shops. 


From the threat of terrorist explosives,the economic impact of illegal contraband shipments to buildings safeguarding, we can provide you with any detection solution from our wide range of advanced technologies.


We offer a complete range of state-of-the-art electronic door locks to manage access not only in rooms but also in SPA, pools and other recreation areas in the. Complete systems ready to interface existing or new PMS, providing TV, telephone and safe internet access.


Nowadays telecommunication as well as telephony are widely surrounded by digital world and networking has been playing a leading role in this revolution.
The VOIP is one of the most recent technologies which are available for privates, even if it has been used by telephony companies for years.
A complete range of products suitable to any solutions required by the private, the small or big company, call centers and the telephone companies.