Albanian Eagle Security System (AESS) sh.p.k – Albanian Company established in 1992, began as a pioneer in marketing, installation and maintenance of electronic security control systems, providing turn key solutions in every aspect of security like intrusion alarm systems, detection devices, video surveillance, communication, and access control systems.


 By means of state-of-the-art equipment, trained personnel, professional installation, high quality after sale service permitted our company to implement in the most important Albanian market segments like government institutions, banks, foreign embassies and institutions also private companies their systems becoming the number one and most preferred security partner in the country.

Now days our company has in the products and solutions portfolio also industry specific solutions like alcohol and drug measuring devices, explosive and narcotics detections, traffic and speed enforcement, mail scanners, security check-point devices etc. cooperating with worldwide best manufacturers.

Also in IT market AESS sh.p.k has successfully finalized several projects in data digitalization, IT infrastructure, server and storages, software distribution, IP communication systems, and long term digital archiving solutions.

AESS sh.p.k has been rewarded with the "Gold Star for Quality" in Geneva Edition 2003.

Since 2009 our company is certified by ISO9001-2008 for design, installation, sales and after sales services for all our products range.